Classic Car Prices

Classic Car Prices Today is your one-stop shop for the most accurate and up to date guides for collector car prices.  We have collected the most reliable resources available for you to check your collector car value, all in one place.  For a directory, click on the Old Car Values Resource Guide button on the right.

Collector car prices like most things will fluctuate somewhat, but there will likely always be a generally upward trend over time.  An antique or classic vehicle can be viewed as an investment, unlike a new vehicle which depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot.  Even if you choose to use your classic vehicle as an everyday driver, as long as you keep it maintained properly, it is likely to appreciate as you drive it.  If you can do your own maintenance and repairs, then driving a collectible vehicle becomes a wise financial decision.

Classic car prices will depend on many factors, the first and foremost obviously being the make and model of the vehicle.  The popularity of the model certainly comes into play, as well as the rarity of the model in comparison to others.  The overall production numbers are important also.  That is one factor that can partially explain the prices of early Mustangs compared to the prices of early Camaros.  I would venture to say that the early Mustang is similar in popularity to the early Camaro, but the average price of a 1968 Camaro is much higher than that of a 1968 Mustang in similar condition.  Ford produced over 317,000 Mustangs in 1968, but Chevrolet only produced about 235,000 Camaros that year.


The overall condition of the vehicle is one of the most important factors in an antique cars value.  However, an all-original vehicle in good condition can be worth more than a completely restored vehicle in excellent condition, especially if the vehicle in question is relatively rare or has some desirable options or features.

No two classic car value guides will likely be identical in the value they place on a particular vehicle, so it is best to check several different guides to get the best idea.  And remember, an Old Car Price Guide is just that, a guide.  An antique cars value boils down to what someone is willing (and able!) to pay.  I have seen cars sell for double the classic car book value when there were two people that wanted the same exact vehicle badly enough.  One example was nothing special, except one guy’s wife fell in love with it for whatever reason, and another guy had one “just like it” in high school.  Both those potential buyers had the means to pay an extra premium to get what they wanted, and the seller made out like a bandit!

When it comes to classic car prices there are no hard and fast rules.  A classic car value guide can give you averages and statistics, but the bottom line is that a collector vehicle (or anything else for that matter!) is worth whatever one person is willing and able to pay for it.  Take a look around at the other pages here for more detailed information on classic car prices.  For a classic car value guide directory, go to the Old Car Values Resource Guide.

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