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American Classic Car Insurance

If you own and drive a muscle car or other classic, American classic car insurance is something you really need to spend some time thinking about. Owning and driving a classic car is a joy that many people (and insurance companies) do not understand. Classic car insurance companies DO understand that there is something special about driving a piece of history, and no new car can quite match the experience of driving a true classic. American muscle cars are my favorite; there is nothing quite like the thrust you get from the raw torque of the old V8s, and a four speed makes it even better!

The insurance company that carries the policy on your “everyday drivers” and your home may not be the best choice for your classic car. Many of your everyday insurance companies will insure your classic car just like it was any old used car, and charge you the same rate as if you were driving it to work every day or using it as a spare vehicle. Most classic cars are not used as “everyday drivers”, and don’t rack up the miles that your other cars do. A “normal” insurance company may be very hard to deal with in the event of a claim on your classic car, and likely will not give you nearly the compensation that is deserved.

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Companies that specialize in American classic car insurance can save you several hundred dollars each year, because they understand that you are not driving your car every day and they adjust their rates accordingly. Most folks that own classic cars are very careful with them, don’t drive them in inclement weather, and usually are more experienced drivers. They don’t take chances with their valuable “toys”, and are much less likely to have an accident. American classic car insurance companies recognize this, whereas other “normal” insurance companies don’t.

There are restrictions that come with American classic car insurance policies that you need to be aware of, though. Many classic car insurance companies have limits on how many miles you can put on your car each year; Some have different policies available for different mileage amounts. Still others have no mileage limits at all! Most require that the car be stored in a locked garage when not in use. Some classic car insurance companies do not provide insurance for drivers under 21 or possibly even 26 years of age, or require that any drivers have at least ten years behind the wheel. There are restrictions on how many automobile accidents that drivers in your household have had, and also how many traffic violations have been recorded. Some classic car insurance companies will not provide American classic car insurance for vehicles that are valued at less than a certain dollar amount.

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The bottom line is: shop around! There are a number of classic car insurance companies online. For the big points you need to look at, take a look at my other page on Classic Car Insurance. Before you get too far into the process, make sure you also read the page on Classic Car Insurance Quotes. Do some research, and find the insurance company and policy that suits your particular needs the best. Get classic car insurance quotes from several different classic car insurance companies, and compare to what your regular insurance company is charging. You likely will find that you can get better coverage and save money at the same time by using an American classic car insurance provider.