Classic Used Cars Resource Guide

There are tons of websites that have classic used cars for sale, but doing a normal search will bring up many sites that sell newer used cars and really don’t have a lot of classics or collector cars for sale. Some websites with old cars for sale are nothing but pages of eBay links. Below is a list of places that specialize in collector vehicles, used muscle cars, and also have classic trucks for sale. These are also the best places to advertise old classic cars for sale. The sites listed below are actual classifieds sites, not just eBay portals. has thousands of old cars for sale from all over the world. They list antiques, muscle cars, collector vehicles, and classic trucks for sale. has over seventeen thousand listings for used muscle cars, vintage motorcycles, modern classics, antiques, and classic trucks for sale. Their website also has car show reviews and other articles of interest to the collector vehicle enthusiast. is one of the largest and best-known places to find old classic cars for sale online. At the time of this writing, they have over ten thousand classic used cars and collector vehicles for sale! also has thousands of classic used cars and collector vehicles for sale. They even have a section with old race cars for sale., formerly, has over six thousand listings for used muscle cars and classic trucks for sale. They also have a ton of restoration vehicles for sale if you are looking for your next project! has thousands of ads, but a number of the ads are for parts and “automobilia”, not just classic used cars. They have some really neat stuff listed, you could spend hours browsing the website! has over ten thousand listings on their site, but not all of them are classics and some of the ads are outdated. It is a good place to do a quick search, though, if you are looking for a particular make and model of collector vehicle. has well over a thousand ads for collector cars for sale. has over a thousand antique cars, trucks, hot rods, and used muscle cars listed. has several hundred old classic cars for sale on their website. lists hundreds of classic old cars for sale. has thousands of ads for old classic cars for sale on their website, but a number of them are marked as already sold. If you are looking for a project car, they have a special section of restoration cars for sale.

Craigslist doesn’t specialize in classic cars, but since it has free listings, it is a great way to find vehicles that aren’t listed on the paid sites. There are a number of different Craigslist search engines such as and that give you the ability to search all of the Craigslists at once, or narrow the results down by region if you like.

SearchTempest is another Craigslist search engine that also gives you other options, like price range, state, etc. This is a superb way to find lots of old classic cars for sale that are not listed on the big classic car sites. You can find restoration cars for sale, old race cars for sale, automobilia, or anything else for that matter! is a search engine that lets you select the model, year, price range, mileage, etc., and then it will pull up listings from a half dozen different classifieds sites at once. This is another great tool to find vehicles that may not be listed on the sites that specialize in collector vehicles.

This is by no means a complete list of places to find classic used cars for sale, but these websites are the best place to start your online search. I will be adding more sites to the list as time goes by. Good luck, and Happy Hunting!

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